Is It Possible to Replace or Repair a Roof in the Wintertime?

Is It Possible to Replace or Repair a Roof in the Wintertime?

Is It Possible to Replace or Repair a Roof in the Wintertime?
15th Jan 2023

The roofing industry faces its greatest test during the winter months. The most common types of roofing work are roof replacement and repair. High-speed winds throughout the winter may prove dangerous, sometimes necessitating a new roof. Weather concerns typically force a homeowner’s or business owner’s hand, and roofing maintenance has to be done during the worst time of year, winter, but pre-winter inspections may discover small problems that can be corrected before the weather exacerbates the weaknesses in your roofing system. Even if the roof repair Chicago you’re attempting to do yourself is minor, all roofing contractors Chicago advise clients to remain off the roof during this time of year. If you have roofing issues in the winter, you should contact a reputable roofer Chicago as soon as possible before your roof becomes an ice rink.

The Optimal Time to Replace a Roof

The shingles on a roof become too fragile to work with when the temperature dips below 8 degrees Celsius, therefore roofing work should be put off until the weather warms up again according to roofing companies Chicago. Roofing shingles are best installed at a temperature of around 13 degrees Celsius, with little breeze and no precipitation.

The Temperature Of Roofing Shingles During Installation

Temperatures between 55F and 77F are ideal for shingle installation. The shingles’ integrity is compromised by extreme temperatures, rendering them vulnerable to damage during installation or the first big weather event.

Sealing Shingles for the Winter

Roofing work in the winter and roofing work in the summer are two very distinct things. Extremely low temperatures make it difficult to bond shingles to a roof in the winter. The roof’s covering is held in place by adhesives on the shingles. Your shingles may be flapping in the wind, or worse, water may be able to get under them if the glue doesn’t adhere because it’s too cold to work.


Without a doubt, you should always see an expert roofing company Chicago when experiencing roofing issues. Professionals with knowledge, experience, and skill should always be ready to climb onto your roof, no matter the time of year. The need for emergency roof repair may be avoided if faults are found and fixed during a pre-winter assessment.

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