When is the time to roof replacement Chicago? – 7 signs

When is the time to roof replacement Chicago? – 7 signs

When is the time to roof replacement Chicago? – 7 signs
29th Jul 2022

Roofing material does not last forever. Sunlight and heat can damage your roof. To combat these very adverse circumstances here are a couple things you want to consider before consulting roofing companies Chicago:

Missing or Damaged Shingles Signs – It’s Time for a Roof Replacements
When asphalt shingles are exposed to heat it can cause it to crack. Clay and slate tiles also have this threat. Storms and adverse weather can completely remove your shingles. Not having shingles on your roof can cause you to have leaks in your ceiling and if it’s not taken care of right away then it can lead to a costly full roof replacement Chicago.

Sagging Roof Deck
In the event that your roof is sagging in the middle, hiring a roofer Chicago will help you to get more information about your issue. It only takes one missing shingle to lead you into a costly process. You might also detect damage in the rafters or trusses as well. This will be the primary culprit of the problem. In the event this happens a roofing company would have to replace the deck and the roof.

Missing or Damaged Flashing
Implementing metal flashing gives your structure the ability to repel water away from more vulnerable areas. These include vertical dormer walls, porches, skylights, plumbing vents among other things. Fasteners tend to corrode over time and cause them to be knocked loose and this is commonly the case when style over durability is the choice. Once your structure loses its primary infrastructure the rest of the roof is not far away.

Water Damage
An easy way to spot a leak is to look around for water damage or stains in the attic. This can also lead to more serious problems in the long term so it’s best to hire the best roofing companies Chicago to work on your project and get it right the first time.

Uneven Coloring
Light and dark areas are key indicators of your roof health. This could mean your shingles are old, the color you choose was changed by the granules as well as the product falling off. This color will switch during the fall season. Plants also have the ability to protect as well as being customizable. Tree sap, moss and plants will discolor during this process to protect it and the asphalt starts to fall off.

Unappealing Aesthetics
Roof replacement Chicago companies work great with your process and put into account the fact that you may not want to live in this home forever. A new roof will raise the property value by a significant margin making it easier to sell.

Advanced Age
You can count on the materials roofing contractors use to be durable and possess certificates. Using a 14 point inspection our roofing companies perform a roof inspection to help you decide on if you want a roofer Chicago to do a replacement or do you want to just repair it.

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